Emily and Marc’s Wedding at The Edison.

Love was certainly in the air as Emily and Marc celebrated their wedding day at The Edison by Elegant Assets in Elyria, Ohio. This unique venue, once a school building, now stands as a place to celebrate the enduring power of love, offering a beautiful blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. The atmosphere was electric, and the couple’s boho-inspired wedding was nothing short of magical.

The Details

Emily and Marc spent so much time gathering the perfect pieces for their wedding day. Capturing detail photos was the perfect start to this day.

Getting Ready at The Edison at Elegant Assets

The air was charged with excitement as Emily and Marc prepared for their wedding day, surrounded by an atmosphere of love and anticipation.

The First Look

The couple opted for a first look before their ceremony. The first look is a great way to ease some nerves and spend intentional time with your partner before you spend the night celebrating with your closest loved ones.

The Portraits

We ventured out to capture some romance with Emily and Marc’s wedding portraits. Their energetic bridal party provided an infectious energy to set the mood for the day.

The Ceremony

Against the backdrop of The Edison’s historic charm, Emily and Marc exchanged vows that echoed the depth of their love. The ceremony was a heartfelt testament to their journey, with laughter, tears, and promises that resonated with everyone present.

The Sunset Photos

The beauty of Emily and Marc’s wedding day reached its peak during golden hour, as the sun delicately poked through the trees, casting a warm, enchanting glow around the couple.

The Reception

As the celebration moved into the reception, the rustic charm of The Edison continued to captivate. The night came alive as the couple shared their first dance surrounded by their closest friends and family. The dance floor, surrounded by the walls of The Edison, became a stage for love and joy. Emily & Marc celebrated their marriage by signing their name on the chalkboard The Edison displays in their main hallway.

A Love That Shines Bright

Emily and Marc’s wedding day at The Edison in Elyria, Ohio, was nothing short of enchanting. The seamless blend of rustic charm, bohemian vibes, and undeniable love created a celebration that will be etched in the memories of all who attended. As the night concluded with laughter, dancing, and well-wishes, it was clear that Emily and Marc had embarked on a beautiful journey together—they had started a marriage full of joy, laughter, and genuine love.

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Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Vaughan Photo & Film

Hair: Bridal Hair By Jahnessa

Makeup: Bridal By Emily

DJ : Jeremy the DJ